Elizabeth Moura
Elizabeth Moura's Fundraiser

Continue providing food to our kids with food insecurity

Join me and helping say thank you for always saying yes!

$10 towards $400

I'm helping Conscious Alliance raise money so they can hit the road this winter to deliver 200,000 meals to kids in need!

Conscious Alliance is an amazing non-profit that always says "yes" to my past requests. When I ask them for:

-Snacks for our teacher's classroom so a kid that came to school without one, would have something to eat, they said "yes!"

-When I asked them each week to help me fill 30 weekend food bags for food insecure kids, they said "yes!"

-When I asked them for snacks for an afternoon of handing out food to the homeless youth of Denver, they said "yes!"

It's evident that Conscious Alliance truly is making a difference in our community and I urge you to help me by continuing to support their organization so they can keep saying "yes!"

Any amount is truly appreciated. Thank you for your support!