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Show your love -- help us nourish people in need of food support

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Meals for All

I don't usually share like this, but no better reason than to encourage you to give or share with your network the work that Conscious Alliance does; we rely on support and can only go as far as that support takes us.

If you only want to read one paragraph, here it is: There's a double- whammy unfairly hitting kids in the U.S. Inflation and grocery prices is pushing more families to need food support while at the same time, across the country, fewer kids can access school meals. This is really what the campaign is about and what we do because no one benefits from hunger. There are immediate short-term effects of hunger that we can all relate to, but there are also long-term impacts of health, emotional, social, and educational outcomes. And in the U.S. there is enough food to feed everyone, we just need to move it from where it is now, to where it needs to go. Fortunately, this is what Conscious Alliance excels in. We learned it from touring with musicians doing food drives everywhere music plays. And now we can use our logistics and tap our network to do so much. Please help us stop hunger in its tracks.

If you want to know more of my musings from this year, keep reading...
For those in the front range of Colorado, the year started two days early on Dec 30th with the horrific fires in our Colorado backyard. Before daylight came to reveal the destruction, we were already working on our response. For the following weeks and months, we had a long list of volunteers helping us deliver meals to an even longer list of displaced families who were staying in hotels, shelters, friends' homes etc. The stories we heard; it's a strange honor to hear them first hand. Watch the youtube video I linked in my campaign if you aren't familiar with what happened. It's a long road to recovery and we continue to serve families affected by the Marshall fires. One main lesson from the fires, ANYONE can suddenly find themselves in need of food support.

As soon as the ground thawed on Pine Ridge Reservation, we completed a project we've been dreaming of for years -- the construction of a walipini - an underground greenhouse that uses geothermal cooling and heating to help extend the growing season. In June, sister Lynn and friend Shuler volunteered with us to work on the interior of the walipini and install a traditional high hoop greenhouse. Having them travel and help with the Pine Ridge gardens was such a treat for me -- even if it included Lynn sending manure down an 8 feet shoot to reach me at the bottom of the stairs. This year, we aim to get veggies out of the walipini and local students into it.

In the spring, I got to bring my son Holden and nephew Alton to work alongside a hunger hero, Cavanaugh Bell to give out food in Zebulon, NC. I love getting the kids involved and inspired; hunger relief is truly accessible for kids to play a major role. If you have kids and want to know more, just ask me.

I also loved that for the second year in a row, we coordinated with Widespread Panic's Tunes for Tots to send hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new musical instruments to the Pine Ridge Reservation schools and community groups. Whether I get to hear it first hand or not, I think about that music being written and played frequently.

With work I also traveled to new places to connect with supporters and host food drives in Austin TX, Scottsdale, AZ, Elgin, IL, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas and with the help of my friends, hosted a few food drives here in Asheville. One highlight was meeting from Michael and Pam Airheart who started Taste For the Homeless; they prepare restaurant quality meals for people on the streets in the south side of Chicago, even lobster. We/Conscious Alliance send them meat and groceries to add to their distributions.

As a team, we coped with challenges - like evacuation from the Marshall Fires, and when the Conscious Alliance building terribly flooded. But as always we kept our focus on those needing food support and kept on going (KOG). It's our 20th year and we have distributed over 5 million meals since 2020 -- all over the U.S -- to hard to reach places and with dignity and accessibility. I am super proud of the work we do and honored to do it.

Please offer what you can to help us stop hunger in its tracks.