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A child without food. Unacceptable.

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Every $.50 you donate provides a meal & gets us closer to our goal of feeding 70,000 kids this winter season.

First and foremost thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. It means the world to me. The short story here is sad and simple. There are women, children, and families starving in our own backyards. Thousands of underprivileged American Indians on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota don't know where their next meal is coming from. They don't know how they are going to eat that very day.

This time of year is even more difficult as folks don't have the ability to provide their families with any sort of holiday meal (or gifts) at all. Most people don't realize just how economically and geographically isolated this reservation is, how dire the situation is, or how this isolation creates major road blocks for families hoping to live healthy fulfilled lives this Holiday Season and year round. While all of this is a hard thing to hear. It's reality. And it's happening right up the road, right here in America.

Here's where we come in! With the help of Conscious Alliance, their "Art That Feeds" Campaign and Live Nation Colorado we're going to set this years goal at $5,000 and then match every dollar you donate!

Together, we're going to change the way the Pine Ridge Reservation celebrates the Holidays this year. Please consider donating to my campaign, it is quick and easy. I ask you to please do everything you can to donate today. Your support would be appreciated, humbling and inspiring. Thank you.


More on Conscious Alliance:

Conscious Alliance has been a reliable source of food for people facing hunger on Pine Ridge Reservation of 16 years. Through their food pantry and partnerships with schools, Conscious Alliance is currently a reliable source of nourishment for more than 50 families and 390 children every week on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Conscious Alliance have distributed over 3.25 million meals nationwide (including Pine Ridge). I am on the Board of Directors so I've seen first-hand their impact. I've seen generations of young music fans get ignited through participation that starts from donating to a food drive at a concert (they've inspired 100,000 volunteer hours), and I've watched the organization build healthy brand partnerships that flourish in many arenas.This year alone, Conscious Alliance has distributed more than 468,000 meals to people in need. They are incredible stewards of donations.

More on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation:

Home to 30,000 Oglala Lakota, Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the most financially impoverished and forgotten communities in the US; 97% of the population live far below the US Federal Poverty Level. Faced with tremendous health challenges, the life expectancy is shockingly low: 47 years old for males and 52 for females. Part of the health challenges stem from high levels of food insecurity and malnutrition; it's both an issue of not having enough food as well as not having access to fresh healthy food. It may appall you to hear that the Reservation, which is the same size as the landmass as the state of Connecticut, has only one full-service grocery store and no Feeding America food bank.

How will my fundraiser help reach hungry kids in need?

Conscious Alliance is now receiving large-scale food donations (literally semi-trucks of food!) from the natural food industry. The money raised through my fundraiser will help move the food to where it's needed and will be distributed through Conscious Alliance's network of schools, getting the food directly into the hands of kids.

Join me in standing up against weekend hunger! Every $.50 you donate provides a meal and helps get me and Conscious Alliance closer to our goal of helping 70,000 kids this winter season.